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No pain no gain!

so, progress on the collaborative piece, built up the layers, and now stitching through it all, to help hold bits on and add to the design, but it takes it toll on the old digits hence a bit of tape to help.



I am Working on this very large piece, for my Westonbirt exhibition.

It will be made up of lots of little drawings that I gathered from visitors to westonbirt in a week in April.

Visitors drawings

I asked them to draw their favourite part of the tree or a part they found interesting.

Now I am going to put them all together hopefully to make a whole tree out of the parts they have drawn.

.three sheets of A1, and ink

Detail of ink

Detail of ink

Detail of ink

These are some images of the first stages, I wanted a bit of colour in there  so the background will be inked in the shape of a tree, the pics above are some of the details of the ink, which I have been letting do its own thing up to a point, to create interesting marks and layers !

Detail of Oriental Plane drawings






















Three images of details of the large drawings I did at Westonbirt,

If you look closely you can see small pieces of text amongst the drawing, these were overheard snippets of conversation from the people passing by.

Westonbirt week two

A1 Drawing the Second

This was the second Plane tree that I  drew while I was there  that week ( for more info please visit my westonbirt arboretum page) This one was in the snow, and awfully cold, made me work fast, which I think helped this drawing, the other two , which were done in more friendly weather conditions I spent a bit more time over, theres more detail to them, but I like the fact that this one is not too detailed or overworked.

How to Solve a Problem like Persian Ironwood..

 P1070803  P1070804

These are two prints of the same etching, which was a drawing of a Persian Ironwood tree (Parrotia persica)  I did while at Westonbirt.
I kept seeing these trees while I was there and going up to them and wondering what they were, and soon realised most of the time the small tangled tree with reddish branches in question was Persian Ironwood.
I loved the name, sounded exotic and always sent images off in my brain of warmer places, which was nice in the snow.
I decided to draw it onto an etching plate, but the problem was all the branches! they don’t seem to grow in any ordered way at all, so i did not try to sit there and untangle the branches before my eyes, I just drew what my eyes made out from the tangle. The first print is just as it is , the second on the right I left a bit more ink on the plate, and then rubbed it off where some of the branches were.

Persian Ironwood

Artist in Residence at Westonbirt Arboretum!


I am very excited to be going to spend the half term (11th feb- 15th) week in Westonbirt with all the trees.

Five days of drawing, photographing, printmaking, painting, going to be fun!!

I shall put up here the results of my toils as soon as I can from this first week.

I shall be spending a second week there in april to continue what I hope I will start this February.