Lockdown in my garden

This year has been a strange one, and all the things I had planned work wise, kind of went out the window with lock down and not being able to access larger presses at work and at the GPC in Stroud.

But that isolation and being in the same place every day helped focus me on other things. and I re befriended drypoint as a process that I could make and print at home. (With only small headaches with trying to get good prints from my little table top press.)

Drypoint and bees I think work so well, the fuzzy black is perfect depiction of the furry hairs of the bees. And I enjoy the challenge of trying to control my drawing into metal, and the marks you can make.

I will also be donating £5.00 from any of the prints I sell to the bumblebee conservation trust, as a way of helping out.

If you would like to see a video of my process of making a drypoint, I have a video here.


What do you think?

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