Magpie Rhyme




My original book, A Magpie Rhyme was really popular, so I thought it would be a good one to try scanning it in and sending it off to be digitally printed by a company which i could then make into a smaller edition.

It was mostly for practical reasons, such as a more cost effective way of making a lot of these books, compared to the original which takes a lot of hours per book. But also to check out the quality of the printing and practice at in-design! (I need more practice! )

The make up is a digital print of an exact copy of lino prints and inked designs from original Magpie Rhyme, concertina folded, and bound into a thin card cover , covered with a blue tissue paper, to match the magpie feathers. the title is a scanned image of text which I then printed off, but this might change slightly…

Finished size: 8 x 12cm

Edition : 45

cost : £10.00



What do you think?

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