So much to see in your garden!

I was gifted a wildlife camera in the autumn of this year. We suspected we had hedghogs, ( kept seeeing poop) but getting the wildlife camera, plonking it down on the patio, and then waiting, we had no idea!

October they were soo busy every night we had at least two Hedghogs visiting and we started feeding them so they would visit more. The pictures can sometimes be out of focus or the animal barely on screen, but it a magical view of your garden as you cant see it, because you being there they wouldn’t do the things they do on the camera.

Any way , November has pretty much been and gone, and I wanted to do something with all the lovely bits of film we have, so I have made a compilation video on youtube with the best bits.

Its not fast paced, but lovely views of things living.

A few days ago we had a surprise visitor on there as well. A grey wagtail , which I have never seen in the garden before. We have gotten a close up view of it with this camera, as its quite skittish.


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